Stromm Cycles is a team of longtime friends, athletes and bike nerds who also happen to have a combined 30 years experience in producing the fastest bikes in the world.

Dave Koesel

A lifelong tinkerer, Dave began building mountain bike frames in his basement and father's race car fabrication shop. He worked in bike shops in college and went to work for Felt Bicycles after finishing school. In a few years time he was promoted to Brand Manager and lead the development on the track frames Felt athletes have used to win medals at the World Championships and Olympic games as well as set records. Dave then went on to lead product development when 3T introduced bicycles and launch their North America operations and followed with a few years as the Leader of Component Development at Specialized Bicycles, reinventing the Roval brand and aiding the transition of the professional peloton off tubulars onto clincher wheels like the Rapide, Alpinist, and 321 as well as sub-1300g gravel and 1250g XC MTB wheels. Dave has won Elite and Master's National Championships and has his sights sent on Master's World Championships in 2024 aboard the Stromm machine.

Daniel Holloway

One of the most accomplished professional cyclists in the United States, Daniel's success on both the road and track have been unrivaled in the current generation of specificity. Daniel has a lot of experience and has built relationships from years of racing. He has a deep understanding of products unlike many hired guns who would simply use whatever was given to them. Daniel remains very interested in the more technical nature of developing class leading products and has helped with the Stromm project management. Often tapped by brands he's represented to provide insight and feedback, he was a key consultant in dialing in the geometry, performance and handling for this bicycle.

Ben Rothacker

Ben is a professional aerodynamicist with over a decade of experience designing high-performance vehicles for the aerospace industry, with a long time interest and focus in the low-speed regime of aerodynamics most relevant to bicycle design. His airfoil designs and expertise have been used in and contributed to numerous successful sub-, supersonic, and vertical lift aircraft, high performance racing cars, and several bicycles, and he holds several patents for novel aerodynamic devices.

Stephen Doll

Stephen has designed, simulated, built, and tested innovative aerodynamic bicycles since early college and has extensive experience developing manufacturing methods and tooling systems for carbon fiber bike frames.